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As I'm sure you all already know the Alpine Garden Society was founded in late 1929. So to celebrate its 90th birthday we are very pleased to welcome the current President, Christopher Bailes, to speak to us at our meeting on Monday 2nd March. His subject will be "The Gondwana Garden - plant distribution in the Southern Hemisphere". Gondwana was the super-continent which broke up millions of years ago and formed South America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. So we should have a very interesting evening finding out about the similarities and the differences in the plants native to these far-flung regions.


Reminder - Plants for sale! Although John Spokes retired from running Little Heath Farm Nursery a couple of years ago, he has now made arrangements with the person who now runs it to bring along some of her plants for sale. So come prepared!

Meetings are from 19:30 to 21:30, with the talk beginning at 20:00. Entry is 2 for Group members, 3 for visitors and free for children and students; this fee includes refreshments.


Classes for the March monthly competition: 



 Class 1: Four pans rock plants, two in flower and two for foliage effect

 Class 2:  One pan rock plant in flower

 Class 3:  One pan rock plant grown from seed by the exhibitor, date of sowing to be stated

 Class 4: One pan rock plant for foliage effect

 Novice 1: One pan rock plant in flower

 Novice 2: One pan rock plant for foliage effect

 Artistic 1:  One entry from the Art 1 (cut flower) section below

Artistic 2: One entry from the Art 2 section below


Art 1 (cut flowers) section

         Four to six cut flowers from the exhibitor's garden displayed in vases (supplied). Not limited to a single bloom of any one plant.

         An arrangement of cut flowers or foliage grown in the exhibitor's garden, including dwarf shrubs, to be judged for quality, delicacy and artistic arrangement. No accessories allowed.


Art 2 section

         One photo of alpine(s) in the wild or in cultivation (can be submitted in advance by e-mail to mail@bedfordshirealpines.com).

         One picture of alpine(s) in any medium.

         One piece of needlework depicting or inspired by alpines.



Monthly Meetings for the 2019 / 2020 Year:





4th November 2019

Professor David Rankin

Meconopsis - in the wild, growing and showing

2nd December 2019

Jon Evans

Blackthorn Nursery Part 2 (Glorious June)

3rd February 2020

Andrew Mayo

The Unknown Balkans - an Amateur at large in the mountains of Albania & Montenegro

2nd March 2020

Christopher Bailes

The Gondwana Garden: plate tectonics and plant distribution in the Southern Hemisphere

6th April 2020

Members Evening

Details TBA

4th May 2020

Tony Goode

Hilary's View

Note: The May meeting is back on 1st Monday this year as the Early May Bank Holiday will be Friday 8th May 2020

1st June 2020

Cliff Booker

North American Rock Garden Tour

6th July 2020

Arthur Nicholls

Kyrgyzstan -Land of the Nomads

3rd August 2020

Bruce Bennett

Wildflowers of Southern Cyprus

7th September 2020

John Amand

Unusual bulbs and how they get to your garden

5th October 2020